Affiliated to Kumaun University & Uttrakhand Technical University(UTU)
B.Com Honours

Bachelor of Commerce with Honours B.Com (Honours)

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  • Fee : 48,000 / Year
  • Semester : 6
  • Year : 3 Year
  • Level : UG
  • Category : Commerce

Course Description

The Department aims to build in student’s competent business acumen through advanced study of general subjects such as Organizational Behavior and Cost Accountancy, later allowing them to specialize in a chosen area. The curriculum involves intensive study, culminating with the completion of a research-based dissertation.

One of the principle objectives of the course is to prepare students for successfully operating in and contributing to the modern world of business, as also for pursuing advanced research in the discipline. The course’s curriculum integrates theoretical and practical components of study.

The Department regularly conducts seminars, group discussion, quizzes, personality development programs and guest lectures by industry professionals to enhance vision of students.

The Department has highly qualified, experience & hardworking faculty to prepare students.

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