Affiliated to Kumaun University & Uttrakhand Technical University(UTU)
Master in Business Administration

Mr Abhinav Agarwal
(Vice President)

Shriram Institute of Management & Technology

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I take this opportunity to congratulate you for having arrived at an appropriate decision to join SIMT which is one of the splendid educational institutes in Kumaun region. Today 

professional courses are part of gaining skills which are needed in business, industry & in all sectors of economy. The UG and PG Programmes taught at SIMT encourage excellence by providing in depth study & stimulate enthusiasm for continued advancement in students’ career. SIMT has gained a proud reputation for excellence in all aspects of educational developments and business applications. SIMT endeavours to educate students to become competent professionals sensitive to the needs of others and prepare to assume leadership in their chosen professions. We promise to develop you into a knowledgeable and competent professional capable of fulfilling path as you begin the journey in order to find meaning & satisfaction in your life.